Revenue training curated and updated for your business

Revenue training curated and updated for your business

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Revenue Academy is the online qualification in hotel and hospitality revenue management. The course is conveniently split into 14 comprehensive modules –  designed to help you gain confidence in creating and executing a revenue strategy for your business (or the business you work for).

Complete the 14 modules and you’ll become CertRM qualified and you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to maximise revenue and profit.

Professional Development

Gain the CertRM qualification through our self -study modules or by joining an online class

Training for Teams

Bespoke training programs designed and delivered to meet specific training goals and develop your team’s revenue management knowledge

Plug and Play onboarding courses in revenue management

Access the online onboarding course

  • Reliable professional training content
  • Regularly updated
  • Frees up your revenue team to do their job

  • Blended learning in bite-size workshops for teams

  • Get your management and commercial team trained
  • Short focused 1.5 hour sessions
  • Led by a professional revenue management trainer
  • No need to take staff away from their roles

  • Upskill your revenue team to train our content

  • Train the trainer courses available to train the Revenue Academy content
  • Give your revenue staff more training responsibility using proven, reliable content

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