What is the role of an open hotel technology platform in the delivery of a customer centric strategy ?

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In advance of ‘Revenue Management and the Connected Customer’ we caught up with Richard Valtr, Founder and Managing Director of Mews Systems, about the importance of an open tech platform in the delivery of a customer centric strategy,

A closed one-stop-shop property management platform is fundamentally limited, doomed to inefficiency and, ultimately, more costly (hidden interface fees stack up!).

With today’s pace of technological change, it’s vital to be plugged into an ecosystem of products that is constantly evolving and adapting to modern requirements. An open cloud-based PMS allows you to plug in any number of apps, tools and services in minutes and for free. Think of it like an app store for your hotel where you can immediately access dozens of tools via your PMS that can help supercharge your operations and improve the guest experience.

Many of these integrations are directly guest facing and serve to inspire and drastically improve the stay by an array of meansfrom hyper-personalisation to communication to competitive deals amongst others. But it’s the less consumer facing integrations that can really make the difference to the guest experience as – in the end – the automation of processes is at the core of such cloud-based software and hotel employees are finally able to automate routine and repetitive manual tasks. That means staff can finally be freed up to focus on the most important thing in hospitality – the actual guest experience.

All this translates to unprecedented changes to both the top and bottom lines for hospitality businesses. Revenues can be supercharged by new selling opportunities ranging from smart upselling via apps like Oaky to more advanced pricing, revenue management and booking algorithms from integrations like Pace and others. Meanwhile the bottom line is transformed by the dramatic increase in automation of previously menial manual tasks. Qualitatively and quantitatively, bothguests and properties win. In short – open platforms do it better than antiquated closed systems and it’s increasingly important for hotels, hostels and apartments to stay ahead of the curve

You can hear more from Richard and leading industry colleagues at ‘Revenue Management and the Connected Customer’ on 12th February at the Hilton Bankside, London. Register now and be part of the conversations that matter to shape your revenue management strategy in 2019. It promises to be a day of inspirational debate and networking opportunities. More details here www.opportunity2019.co.uk.


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