10 questions facing revenue management today

‘Leadership from Chaos’ is coming.
This unmissable one-day conference is the most talked about event in the revenue management calendar this year.

A lot has changed since we last got together. We are embarking on a new era of revenue management were tried and tested approaches and strategies need reviewing. 

Join us on October 12th, as we address, with revenue management leaders, the most pressing issues facing revenue management today. These include:

  • – How can you look to build long-term commercial strategies in an ever-changing political, economic, and social landscape?
  • – How can you balance between flexibility required by the new guest and commercial needs?
  • – What skills do you need for the new challenges of revenue management?
  • – Where do you look for new guest segments?
  • – How do you price for loyalty?
  • – How do we put a price on Customer Lifetime Value and how do we measure and integrate this into our revenue strategy?
  • – How can you understand and optimize business from the new leisure traveler?
  • – How can you use AI to augment your customer experience?
  • – How will the changes to the Metasearch landscape impact your distribution strategy?
  • – What skills do you need for the new challenges of revenue management as it integrates with digital marketing?

…..and so much more.
Don’t miss out. Register here to be inspired!

If you can’t attend in person. don’t forget, you can enjoy the day’s discussions from the comfort of your own PC, at ‘Leadership from Chaos – Online‘ . Alternatively, if you can’t join on the 12th, buying an online ticket means you access content on demand for 6 months after the event


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