IDeaS announced as headline sponsor of Global Revenue Forum

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Global Revenue Forum, and the continued partnership with IDeaS who take headline sponsorship of the conference on 31st January 2023.

Following the success of the “Leadership from Chaos” conference in 2021, Global Revenue Forum will be a vehicle for the ongoing staging of annual revenue management conferences throughout Europe and a platform to build community and extend revenue management educational resources across the region.
The next conference is on January 31, 2023. and will continue the collaboration between Hotel Performance, based in Milan; London-based Revenue by Design, and Taktikon, based in Stockholm.
IDeaS, a SAS company, the world’s leading provider of hospitality revenue management software and services, will continue its support of this exclusive one-day event, as the Platinum Plus sponsor with a headline presence at all three locations. Its  participation will also optimise the global impact of the event, cementing its position as the leading revenue management event of 2023.
The event will be staged simultaneously in London, Milan, and Stockholm, with shared content live-streamed between each city and to associate partners in other European destinations. Curated content of the entire day’s event from each city will be streamed online, for those unable to attend the event in person.
Klaus Kohlmayr , Chief Evangelist and Development Officer for IDeaS, said “The Global Revenue Forum initiative reflects the need to build community and share best practices across all revenue streams in hospitality. We are delighted to support this and look forward to contributing to the growth and education of the revenue management community across Europe.”
Ally Northfield, Managing Director, Revenue by Design and one of the founding partners said “The platinum plus sponsorship in partnership with IDeaS is a magnificent endorsement of the launch of the Global Revenue Forum which will support us in achieving our key objective to bring together the commercial and revenue management community in hospitality. We are very excited by this initiative and are looking forward to working with IDeaS and bringing this event to the community.”
Global Revenue forum is a collaboration between Revenue by Design, Taktikon and Hotel Performance, and is the vehicle for extending revenue management events and education between the three companies and associate partners throughout the European region. The primary event for 2023 is The Global Revenue Forum to be held on January 31st 2023. Events are staged simultaneously in London, MIlan and Stockholm in addition to being livestreamed to associate partners and online. The event will see thought leaders and visionaries come together for a day of unparalleled debate, discussion and networking.


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